slouching vs. good posture

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Your back supports you all day.
Let etalon support your back.

The Etalon® posture bra is for:

Women with posture issues and pain

The Etalon™ posture bra supports and aligns, reducing discomfort in the back, neck, and shoulders.

Sedentary workers

Helps maintain good posture during long hours of sitting at desks or computers.


No more slouching to fit in! The Etalon posture bra improves your posture, boosts confidence so you embrace your unique beauty and stand tall with pride!

Active women and athletes

Assists in maintaining alignment and muscle balance, preventing injuries, and enhancing performance.

Aging women prioritizing health

Provides support to counteract age-related changes, helping maintain proper alignment and reducing strain.

Your back supports you all day. Let etalon support your back.

Etalon Posture Technology


The most comprehensive back and shoulder blades support

Etalon has six adjustable straps that work to engage the upper back muscles. Our unique patent-pending technology improves proprioception and promotes better alignment, postural awareness, and muscle memory over time.


Unique system to develop better posture over time

Unlike most other posture correctors, Etalon™ has customizable levels that meet you where you are in your posture journey. The bra helps you develop better alignment at your own comfort level and pace. This gradual approach makes for a more comfortable and stress-free experience.


Comfortable for every day and every activity

The Etalon™ bra’s anatomical construction is suitable for every woman’s body and accommodates for any type of physical activity as well as natural fluctuations that your body experiences throughout the day.

how to wear Etalon® bra

We believe that good posture doesn’t have to feel like a punishment. Unlike regular “posture correctors,” our apparel is designed to be a joy to wear so that you can develop a healthy habit.

Place it right

1. Put the bra for posture on without making adjustments.

2. Make sure that the sleeves start at the end of your collarbones.

find support

3. Draw your shoulders back and feel a gentle pull.

4. Ease into that pull and let the back posture bra hold you.

Repeat and adjust

5. Wear your back support bra for posture daily, for at least three weeks.

6. Move the strap up
and repeat steps two through five.


*On average, based on the time it takes to form a new habit. Progress will vary from individual to individual.

How does Etalon compare?
Etalon™ Posture Bra Generic Posture Corrector
Orthopedic approved + +
Adjustable upleveling technology + +
Patented design pending -
No movement limitation + -
Comfortable + -
Versatile, stylish garment + -
Made with eco-friendly materials + -
Sustainably manufactured + -
Made in USA + -


Patent Pending Technology

Eco-Friendly Materials

Made in USA


How does the Etalon® bra work?

The Etalon® bra promotes a healthier posture by gently drawing your shoulder blades together without constraining your movements. It gently trains your spinal and shoulder muscle memory to keep an upright position.

How often and for how long should I wear it?

As often as you can. We recommend every day. Start with at least two hours and increase or decrease the wear time based on how your body feels.

How will my Etalon bra fit?

True-to-size. Your wellbeing and comfort are our mantras. Your bra should fit comfortably and help improve your posture!

Please check our sizing guide. If you feel like you need some additional assistance with the size, you can reach out to us at We will gladly help you make the right sizing choice!