The Science of Slouching

When we slouch, our shoulders move forward and the distance between our shoulder blades increases. As a result, the upper spine curves like a “C”, and our neck and head angle downward. 

Over time, slouching negatively affects our physical appearance, our health, and our overall physiology. It hinders the depth of our breathing and our ability to relax, it causes muscle strain and hormonal imbalance, and it limits our energy, focus, and confidence.

The Power of Posture

It’s a common misunderstanding that posture is only relevant to our backs. Building good posture begins with our backs, but the effects are far reaching. Posture is the alignment of the entire body, from the bottom of your feet to the crown of your head. 

Etalon apparel focuses on eliminating the habit (and negative effects) of slouching by gently pulling your shoulders back and moving your shoulder blades closer together. Over time, this simple adjustment will have profound effects on your body, and on your ability to fully enjoy life.


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Etalon’s approach to posture-enhancement is backed by over 37 clinical papers on the benefits of good posture. We’ve compiled a resource library of third-party research so you can learn from experts in a variety of fields why etalon might be the right solution for you.