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The Science of Slouching

When we slouch, our shoulders move forward and the distance between our shoulder blades increases. As a result, the upper spine curves like a “C,” and our neck and head angle downward.

Over time, slouching negatively affects our physical appearance and overall physiology. It hinders the depth of our breathing and our ability to relax. It causes muscle strain and hormonal imbalance, and limits our energy, focus, and confidence.

The Power of Posture

It’s a common misunderstanding that posture only affects our backs. Building good posture begins with our backs, but the effects are far-reaching. Posture is the alignment of the entire body, from the bottom of your feet to the crown of your head.

Etalon™ apparel focuses on eliminating the habit (and negative effects) of slouching by gently pulling your shoulders back and moving your shoulder blades closer together. Over time, this simple adjustment will have profound effects on your body and your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

slouching vs. good posture

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As a spinal deformity surgeon, I often observe the detrimental impact of poor postural mechanics on pain and self-image. Traditional braces designed for medical indications are often rigid, bulky and uncomfortable and don’t fit well under clothing. I believe there is a real need for low-profile apparel that supports biomechanically favorable alignment and serves as elastic reminders of ideal spinal position.

Dr. Christopher Ames
Professor of Neurosurgery and Orthopedic Surgery, UCSF

Stylish and functional—Etalon provides both. Form follows function with the newest product from Etalon, which provides support and helps with posture. With so many people staring down at their phones and laptops, this product puts you in a correct postural position to avoid chronic issues while looking stylish doing so.

Dr. Garret Fritts
Founder and Owner Fritts Family Chiropractic

From just the beginning of watching my fiancé wear the Etalon posture bra, I have noticed improvements to her overall posture that decrease her chances of developing pain or discomfort from bad posture. The correction in posture helps her breathe better and function at her best. The Etalon posture bra is essential for women, especially those who do not have an awareness as to what proper posture may look or feel for them. Posture is important because of its effects on our health. As a chiropractor I preach about the negative effects of bad posture. I highly recommend the Etalon posture bra because of its commitment to design, purpose, and benefits backed by science.

Dr. Diego Montes

I was so impressed with the Etalon bra and how cute it is to wear not only when working out but also after!

Very comfortable and not only full of benefits for posture but also so simple and stylish. I feel it could work for many body types and all different ages/kinds of women.

Have already recommended to friends and students of mine. I teach yoga and also work in film/media and often times posture questions/complaints come up. I think this is something that is really needed!

Helen Mann
Yoga Teacher