Have questions about sizing, buying, and wearing your Etalon apparel? You’ll find answers to everything below.


How often and for how long should I wear it?

As often as you can. We recommend every day. Start with at least two hours and increase or decrease the wear time based on how your body feels.

How do I know when to change clasps?

No earlier than three weeks, please. Give your body enough time to develop muscle memory.

If I start from the latest levels will my posture change quickly?

Our habits take at least three weeks to develop. We suggest you follow instructions and wear each adjustment for at least three weeks, increasing the wear time based on how your body feels.

Can I wear it under my clothes?

Yes, you can. You can wear it any how you want.

I have scoliosis. Will Etalon posture top help me cure it?

Though our posture top has potential to help you, we recommend you consult with your doctor. Scoliosis is a serious condition, and each case should be reviewed individually. 


How do I wash my bra?

In order to serve you longer and keep bringing out your inner fire, your posture bra needs cold temperature wash and low tumble dry. Hang dry is also s great option to keep the fabric in a tiptop shape so you won't have to shop for more but also reduce your energy usage. Much better for our planet!

How will my Etalon bra fit?

True-to-size. Your wellbeing and comfort are our mantras. Your bra should fit comfortably and help you get better posture!

Please check our sizing guide. If you feel like you need some additional assistance with the size, you can reach out to us at help@shopetalon.com. We will gladly help you make the right sizing choice!

What size shall I order if I’m in-between sizes?

When in doubt, shoot us an email help@shopetalon.com or order two sizes, and return the one that doesn’t work for you within the rules of our Return Policy. Or give it to a friend to avoid extra carbon emissions during shipment.


When will you ship?

Please see our Pre-Order Policy

Can I cancel pre-order?

Unfortunately, no. Pre-order helps us avoid wasteful overproduction and keep our manufacturing sustainable.

Usage & Benefits

Why should I care about having good posture?

You would be surprised how many areas of our wellbeing can be compromised by a poor posture. After you start wearing your posture bra, you will experience the following positive shift, we believe:

- Feel better

- Look better

- Move better

- Increase the quality of your life

Our bold statements are proven by many scientific studies. Please check out our science page for more detailed information.

Who should wear Etalon posture bra?

Women of all ages. You, my dear! Office workers hunching over their computers, nursing mothers slouching over their babies, women who feel rounding in their backs as they age.

How does Etalon bra work?

Etalon bra promotes a healthier posture by gradually drawing your shoulder blades together and employing your shoulders without constraining your movements. It gently trains your spinal and shoulder muscle memory to keep an upright position.

How long will it take to notice the results?

Some women report the feeling of “uprightness” and “openness” right away. The adaptation usually takes about a week. New postural habits form within three weeks. Even after that period, we recommend you to wear your posture bra daily to stabilize and maintain heallthy posture.

Can I wear my Etalon bra every day?

Yes! Your Etalon bra is designed for daily wear, during any of your daily activities. It won’t restrict your movements but will definitely make them safer while promoting a healthier posture.


Where are Etalon bras made?

Etalon bras are designed and manufactured in California. We prioritize quality, workers’ safety, fair wages, and minimizing environmental impact.

Are your materials sustainably sourced?

We strive to manufacture from sustainably sourced materials, like rPET (post-consumer plastic bottles). As we keep growing, we’ll continue to find ways to increase the percentage of sustainable options in our manufacturing.

Technical issues

How do I report a website problem?

We’re so thankful for your intention to help us get better. Please drop us a line at help@shopetalon.com

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