Kristina Rudzinskaya
Inventor & Founder, STOTT certified Pilates instructor


Five years ago, after completing my Pilates teacher training program, I began gaining body and postural awareness. At that time I also worked in the office, where people slouched over their laptops all the time. I wanted to help people gain postural awareness and live better lives, but I just didn’t yet know how to do it at scale.

I left my well-paid tech job because of my inner dissonance. My life was quite comfortable but it wasn’t my true calling — so I needed a drastic change. I loved Pilates, fashion and cared deeply about sustainability — but I hadn’t considered combining my passions.

Several weeks into researching my next career steps, I expressed my frustration with postural products to a friend who said “Why don’t you design a posture corrector? You already know so much, you can do it!” His encouragement helped me to start what you now know as Etalon.


I started product development during the pandemic. It is crazy to think that humanity has come up with COVID vaccines, yet we have had no attractive solutions for poor posture. Electronic devices, unergonomic home offices, and sitting jobs exacerbate posture problems. Although I realized that the time was “now”, launching a business was also a challenging adventure. Our product designer and I shipped prototypes back and forth.

The pandemic has shown the importance of community and support, and of pursuing your true calling. Every single challenge (broken logistics, budget constraints, mistakes, rejections, etc) has tested our determination to our mission. Initial support from industry experts powered up our efforts. We definitely wouldn’t be able to make it so far without people who believed in our product and our mission along the way.

Etalon means “standard” in French. We believe that healthy posture — and all of the benefits that come with that — should be the new standard. As a brand, we celebrate everyone’s uniqueness, while wanting everyone to share in the same bright future.

I believe that the biggest breakthroughs happen when seemingly disconnected industries cross-pollinate. We have big plans for the future, in the orthopedics, fashion, and wearables.

We all have hundreds of seemingly disconnected ideas. You might think you lack talent, creativity, or courage. I believe that my story and the product of my love will help you in your journey to your authentic and fulfilled self. As cheesy as it sounds, you have a unique gift within you and your own outstanding contribution to this world!



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Founder, STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor


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Our Mission

To help you find alignment with yourself and the world around you.

our values


Our courage empowers us to explore our nature, tap into truth, express ourselves freely, and find ways to uplift the world.


We embrace kindness as a way of life that inspires sustainable choices that contribute to making the world a better place.


We deeply value the freedom to be ourselves, to follow our passions and dreams, and to playfully explore the world.