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Etalon Posture Stories: How Tatyana builds postural awareness

We want to start a new rubric on our blog, where we share stories of our friends and customers. You can learn about what other people do to improve their posture, what they think about Etalon, and their results. Meet Tatyana, she lives in San Francisco and wears S size. 

What posture issues do you experience?

I have challenges of slouching often. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in my childhood and I went to physical therapy and massage, but it didn’t help. I want to change it and have a gracious posture. When I slouch I try to imagine that I have a nail on my head and want to keep it straight. I noticed when I wear high hill, my posture becomes better.

What did you try to improve it?

I tried to buy and wear posture correctors. They are rigid and difficult to wear. I also used to exercise and sleep on a hard mattress. I want to learn other workouts that I can do to support my posture. Sometimes I use a back roller at home to reduce back pain. 

How do you feel about the Etalon bra?

I immediately like that Etalon put my back in tone and relaxed tension in the middle of lungs, under my breast. It didn’t limit my movements unlike other correctors I tried. 

Have you tried other posture correctors?

Yes, but it was painful to wear them more than one hour. I feel irritated and can’t follow my regular lifestyle. 

How do you wear the Etalon Bra?

My parents told me stand near a wall to train a good posture. I try to do it and remember how it feels. However, forming a habit requires discipline and it’s not so easy for me. I need to dedicate a lot of attention for creating a habit. I like that it’s easy to integrate Etalon to your routine and don’t feel restricted. 

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