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Etalon Posture Stories: Irina and WFH routine to reduce back pain

Our second story is about Irina, PR-consultant from Boston, who works remotely and like elegant outfits. We asked Irina questions about her posture, daily routine and impressions about the Etalon Bra

What posture issues do you experience? How do you think they affect quality of your life and health?

- As a freelancer, I tend to work everywhere I can land with my laptop. Planes, airports, coffee shops — I love the freedom freelancing gives me, but it goes with the price. I started to experience back and neck pain about 2 years ago. Lack of movement and constant slouching over the screen also took a tall on my posture and affected my self-confidence. 

What did you try to improve it? Did it work?

- First, I tried doing some at-home workouts, hoping that they help me to deal with the pain. Everyday yoga and gentle stretches in between zoom meetings made a huge difference in how I felt throughout the day. I also tried sleeping on an orthopedic mattress, and it helped me to resolve my back pain and neck stiffness. But my posture still needed improvement, so I decided to try posture apparel.  

Could you share any posture tips that you found helpful for you?

 1. Move as much as you can throughout your day, especially if you work on computer;

 2. Try to organize an equipped workplace with a proper chair and avoid working on a couch or bed if possible;

 3. Make sure to choose the right pillow and mattress. When it comes to the health of your back and neck, it is better to spend extra on the quality sleep equipment.

How do you feel about the Etalon bra?

- I love this bra! As I spend most of my time slouching over the screen, Etalon has been a total lifesaver for me. It gently pulls my shoulders back and opens up my chest, plus it looks super cute so I don't have to hide it. If I had a on-site job, I'd totally wear it to the office. 

How do you wear the Etalon Bra?

- I usually wear my Etalon bra for a couple hours during the weekdays. I feel more get-together while wearing it and I believe it helps me to stay focused on top of improving my posture! I like to combine it with the jeans or velo-shorts and put an oversized shirt as a second layer. I often wear it during my zoom calls with clients as I know that nobody would guess it’s a piece of posture apparel.

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