Etalon Posture Stories: How Regina Prioritizes Her Posture To Look Younger

Etalon Posture Stories: How Regina Prioritizes Her Posture To Look Younger

Our new story from Etalon’s customer is so inspiring! Regina is the founder of a beauty brand and marketing guru. She is fashionable, active, and like many of us, was looking for innovative tools to support her health and good posture habits. Read more about Regina’s routine to slow down aging processes and amplify the effect of posture workouts with Etalon.

What posture issues do you experience? How do you think they affect the quality of your life and health?

- I have two jobs, both of them are sitting and I spent a lot of time at my desk. Moreover, I use a lot my mobile phone for work and social media. Because of this habit and work lifestyle, I don’t have a perfect posture. It affects different aspects of my health. First of all, it doesn’t look pretty. I also have migraines regularly, and I think it’s related to blood circulation. Another aspect is beauty and skin care. I’m a co-founder of a skincare company and I studied this subject very well. I know that bad posture leads to sagging skin and jaws, and I’m not happy about it. I want to correct my posture for my health, but also to look younger and more confident.

What did you try to improve it? Did it work?

- I do regular exercise. I mix different types of them and try to incorporate posture exercises into yoga, pilates, and regular workout. However, I feel it’s not enough because good posture is not only about exercises, it’s about constantly controlling yourself. It’s easy to go back to bad habits. With this in mind, Etalon Bra was the perfect reminder to sit straight and a good addition to my posture exercises.

Do you have any recommendations for our readers?

- A good piece of advice is investing in your health.  Posture isn’t just a vanity thing, it can make a significant health impact. Pay attention to your posture and combine a corrector, exercise, and ergonomic workspace.  It’s good for mental health and the fastest way to look younger and more confident. 

How do you feel about the Etalon bra?

- Etalon Bra is an excellent device for posture correction. It’s fashionable too! Two in one product. It’s pretty expensive, but if you divide the total cost by how many times you wear it (every day!), it would probably be the most effective piece of your wardrobe. Also since I’m wearing it regularly, I’m washing it often and I was surprised by the quality. The Etalon bra didn’t shrink. I can continue using it after 6 months since my purchase. It’s very comfortable to mix it with my clothes when I work at home. I can wear it with jackets and shirts. For my lifestyle it’s perfect.

How do you wear the Etalon Bra?

- I try to wear it pretty regularly, at least 5 times per week.  I mix it with jackets, and shirts on top of the bra. The T-shirts don’t look very good with the bra on me. I wear Etalon for a whole long day. However, I don’t wear it for a workout to avoid washing it every time after it. 

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