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Your Stories Etalon Posture Stories: Saman's teacher journey

Saman works as both a teacher and a private tutor. While she spend most of her time standing at school, she also sit during tutoring sessions and when doing paperwork after school. Sometimes, when she get physically tired, Saman tends to forget about maintaining good posture and end up hunching her back for added comfort. We asked Saman how she prioritizes working on her posture and her experience with the Etalon Bra:

How do you think bad posture affects quality of your life and health?

- Ever since I received this bra, I've been incredibly eager to try it out, and to my surprise, it has truly been beneficial in pulling my shoulders back. It took about a week for my body to adjust and become accustomed to the slightly pleasurable discomfort caused by the pulling straps.

I noticed a significant reduction in back fatigue when I woke up in the morning. Moreover, the bra has boosted my confidence by enhancing my posture, giving me a more defined silhouette.

How do you like wearing Etalon?

- I received the bra in late March (a gift from USA) I live in Tehran/Iran and summer weather started a month earlier. I wore this bra for a month (almost everyday) and a half while the weather allowed me.

During this period I adjusted the straps once after a month and made them tighter. Since I noticed that I was getting used to the  bra. 

Unfortunately I stopped using it after 1.5 month since I was sweating a lot and my job attire didn’t allow me to wear it alone. Wearing it under my garments was not an easy option for heat.  It was working great when I was wearing it under sweaters or T-shirt/shirts. 

How do you feel about the Etalon bra?

- I highly recommend it, as I have personally experienced a significant improvement in both my posture and self-confidence.


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