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Centerpiece testing

May - June 24

The Etalon® centerpiece is where we make our posture-improving magic. Recently, we've upgraded our proprietary scapula-adducting technology, including this piece.

During testing, we found that updating the strap design could make it even better! Instead of using a strap with two different widths, we now use a single-width strap with a narrower adjustable layer. This also allows us to use one-size loops, giving us more stability and direction for the pull. We also optimized the strap measurements so it lies flatter on the back.

However, this new design takes more time! The new mold takes about a month, and combined with the testing phase, our timeline is significantly delayed.

Once the new centerpiece is ready, we conduct special tests to ensure the centerpiece works correctly. This includes mechanical durability tests and wearer trials to ensure gradual and effective posture adjustment.


Current Stage

June - July 24

During the fitting stage, we gather feedback on comfort, support, and how well the bra improves posture.

We test the fit on live models of various body types and sizes. This helps us see how the bra fits real people and performs during movement.

We focus on the bra’s posture-correcting features, ensuring it helps bring the shoulders back without restricting movement and supports the back and chest correctly without causing discomfort.

Once the bra passes all these tests, it is approved for mass production. The final version should provide optimal comfort, support, and posture improvement for a wide range of body types.

Sewing stage

August 24

Now that the fit is verified, we can start mass production.

We've partnered with an amazing women-owned factory in Vietnam, especially since our California partner had to close after 35 years due to challenging business conditions.

At the new factory, skilled workers, most of whom are women, sew the cut pieces together. They focus on reinforced stitching in high-stress areas to ensure the bra is durable and comfortable.

Quality sewing means there are no loose threads or weak points, ensuring the bra provides reliable support and long-lasting comfort.

Quality control

August - September 24

Our posture bras are designed with a focus on functionality, and on this stage we ensure that every product that reaches our customers meets the highest quality standards.

We employ standard practices such as AQI 2.5 for minor defects and AQI 4.0 for major defects. 

Additionally, we have developed a comprehensive list of quality checks tailored specifically to our product's unique requirements.

The Etalon® bras undergo rigorous testing for functionality, washing, and appearance to ensure they meet our high standards and provide the best possible performance for our customers.


September 24

After the quality check, the bras are ready to be packaged.

We use recycled plastic to protect them during transportation. We also add barcode stickers to make it easier for our warehouse workers to audit, locate, and ship the right products efficiently.

Overseas delivery

September - October 24

The delivery process begins with the bras being transported from the factory to our logistics partner in Vietnam. From there, they are transported overseas.

Once the bras reach the final destination in LA, they go through customs clearance. We work closely with customs agents to ensure a smooth process, minimizing any potential delays. 

After clearing customs, the bras are handed over to local carriers for the final leg of their journey to our warehouse.

Warehouse processing

October 24

Once the packaged bras arrive at the warehouse, they go through a detailed audit. After this check, we process them and ship out all preorders.

The remaining bras are stored in the warehouse until they are ordered. Our inventory management system tracks stock levels to ensure we can fulfill orders promptly.

Dispatch to customers

October 24

Once our warehouse partner processes all pre-orders, they are on their way to you! 

We send out order updates immediately, so you'll know exactly when your new favorite posture bra will arrive.

Your feedback

November 24

Once your order is delivered, we will wait two weeks before sending you a feedback email.

This helps us ensure you are happy with the product and lets us learn how we can improve in the next manufacturing batch.