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Etalon Posture Bands Benefits

Improved posture

As you engage the core and back muscles, the resistance bands encourage you to sit and stand tall. Over time, this reduces your risk of slouching and promotes a confident and elegant posture.

Core stability

The resistance provided by the fitness bands forces you to engage your core muscles during various exercises, helping you build a solid foundation for proper body alignment and stability.

Enhanced shoulder support

Shoulder bands target the muscles in the upper back and shoulders, promoting better shoulder alignment and stability. As a result, you can say goodbye to rounded shoulders and a forward head posture.

Spinal mobility and flexibility

Incorporating resistance band exercises into your daily routine can improve spinal mobility and flexibility. Move with ease, reduce stiffness, and maintain a more fluid and graceful posture.

Mindful posture awareness

The Etalon Posture Bands encourage you to be mindful of your posture during workouts. With each exercise, you will be more aware of your body alignment, helping you carry that awareness into your everyday life.

Your back supports you all day. Let etalon support your back.

slouching vs. good posture

Usage Instructions

Safety first, always:

  1. Use Etalon products with love and care. They're here to support you, but only for their intended purpose.
  2. If you are embarking on a healing journey with Etalon workout Bands, especially for rehabilitation or if you have pre-existing medical conditions, reach out to your medical provider for guidance.
  3. Before and after each comforting session with the athletic bands, lovingly check your product for any signs of wear or tear, like little nicks or punctures. If you ever spot any, it's best (and safest!) to let it go and treat yourself to a new band.
  4. Remember, this isn’t a toy. Ensure the sports bands are tucked safely away from curious little hands and furry friends.
  5. This product isn't meant to lift anything heavy, be it people or objects.

Use with love:

  1. Find a calming, spacious sanctuary that is free of tripping hazards and where your feet can touch dry, safe ground. This is where you and Etalon can bond best.
  2. Begin with the training bands resistance level that feels like a gentle hug, as recommended by your healthcare provider.
  3. Protect those beautiful eyes with some eyewear and remember to always keep the band flowing away from your face.
  4. Flow through each movement gently, ensuring that the band stretches only as far as it comfortably can.
Care Instructions
  • Storage: Store the bands in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Cleaning: Clean the bands with mild soap and warm water, then gently pat them  dry.
  • After usage: ensure detachment from the anchoring point.
  • Damage: If the bands are damaged or torn, stop using them for their original purpose.. While latex bands cannot be recycled, there are many creative ways to repurpose them. Try securing them to hangers to prevent clothes from slipping or using them as an extra grip when opening jars.

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Eco-friendly natural latex

Your back supports you all day.
Let etalon support your back.