Modern-day leadership: powerful presence - women can do this too

Modern-day leadership: powerful presence - women can do this too

Women are meant to be leaders. We have incredible intuition, knowledge about the world, compassion, organizational skills; and we are intelligent and innovative. When we become moms, we add phenomenal multi-tasking to our leadership skills list, as we manage get things done and make everyone around us happy. However, many of us end up not tapping into our natural leadership potential. In order to help our natural leadership shine through, we came up with some powerful presence techniques.


When I think of a leader, I immediately imagine a powerful stance. We subconsciously read other people and normally make an impression in less than seven seconds, according to the Initial Interaction Theory developed by Berger and Calabrese in 1975. Open upright position signals confidence and openness to the world. These are very attractive qualities that humas are drawn towards. On the contrary, slouching typically means that a person is afraid to take space and doesn’t feel secure, which is typically not the type of a leader you will follow. Unfortunately, many women tend to play down and make themselves smaller and slouch. However, standing up straight in an upright position can make a world of difference to how we are being perceived. And if we want to be perceived as leaders, we need to keep our posture upright.

Knowing your shortcut to happy vibes ✨

I’ve always thought that leaders have some magical power, until I realized that all of us could cultivate these powers. For that we need to find a recipe of invoking our inner magic. Mantras work very well for some people, others use power songs (we’ve got a power songs playlist for you) and my personal favorite is power dressing.

We are used to think of power dressing as something that political figures do. According to Fashionista, the iron lady Margaret Thatcher “stuck almost exclusively to a signature ensemble throughout her life: a 'power' skirt suit with exaggerated shoulders (often in blue, her party's color), pearl necklace, pussy-bow blouse, and that notorious Asprey handbag. For the former PM, these items were more than just fashion; they were her armor.” In Etalon’s world power dressing isn’t about putting a iron lady outfit on, but wearing something that makes you feel in love with yourself. It can be your old jeans that help you feel amazing or a lucky red backpack as Sarah Blakely has. It’s all about knowing your shortcut to happiness as it gives us boosts of optimism and confidence that are so important for true leaders.

Body language and inner power can elevate our leadership game! Think of Oprah or Michelle Obama that have both immaculate posture and a tremendous inner power within. We can look up to them. We can learn to stand up straight for ourselves and others, instead of hiding ourselves and closing our hearts from the world.

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And what are you powerful presence techniques that elevated your leadership game? Please share with us, we learn so much from our community.

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