Holiday Wellness Gift Guide: Self-Care For Every Budget

The end of 2023 is coming fast! Are you ready for it? We invite you to schedule some time for yourself to start reflecting on the past year. How are you feeling? Have you done enough for yourself? What can you work on in the coming year? Self-care doesn’t have to be an overwhelming proposition — even just one small change to your daily routine can make a significant difference in your well-being. 

To help give you some inspiration, we’ve carefully curated this wellness gift guide with items that we personally use and love. Here are some affordable ways to treat your loved ones — and yourself! — this holiday season.


Seaweed-Based Underwear by Esme

Price: Thongs and full coverage briefs start at $24

Who knew mineral-rich seaweed could be just as good to wear as it is to eat? These innovative, sustainable undergarments by Esme — a woman-led company inspired by the founder's 94-year-old grandmother of the same name — are breathable, antibacterial, and more absorbent than cotton. They’re also silky, sexy, and surprisingly comfortable.


Luxurious Exfoliators and Masks from Botanic Affair

Price: Individual mask packets start at $7; other products around $25-$85

Botanic Affair carries a cornucopia of natural, sustainably sourced skincare and we especially love their wide selection of exfoliators and masks. A few we recommend: Nini Organics’ Natura Miracle Mask (a nutrient-rich fusion of cacao, coconut, Australian pink clay, and superfoods like spirulina) and Shiva Rose’s Pistachio Cardamom Plumping Mask (a Mediterranean mix of pistachio, olive, grape skin, and pomegranate oils). You can also try one-use packets, like Botnia’s Sulfur Mask, which mixes sulfur and oats.


Classic and Athletic Insoles by Fulton

Price: One pair of insoles for $48

Fulton crafts comfortable insoles with custom-molding arch support and shock-absorbing cork that prevents pronation and supination and offers pain relief. The Classic Insole provides maximum stability and can help reduce foot, back and knee pain, as well as plantar fasciitis. The Athletic Insole does the same, with a slightly different design for high impact and performance.


Menstrual Discs by PlumThyme

Price: Full Bundle (2 Discs + Case) for $49.90

The woman-owned PlumThyme specializes in zero-waste period care. Made from 100% medical-grade silicon, the PlumThyme Disc is designed to last for 10 years. It sits right below the cervix for ultimate comfort and protection during your period. You can wear it for up to 12 hours at a time. The Full Bundle is a great deal — it comes with two discs and a Sterilize & Store Case.

Annual Face Yoga Subscription by Luvly

Price: One year subscription without trial for $49.99

Face yoga uses massage and acupressure techniques to help boost circulation, release tension, and improve lymphatic drainage. The Luvly app recommends 15-minute daily beauty rituals, including personalized face yoga programs, specific exercises and massages, and even customized meal plans and skin care help.


Plant Pots & Stands by Priene HOME

Price: Pots starting at $69

Self-care is not just limited to your mind and body but your environment, too. Houseplants can have some powerful health benefits [1], including reduced stress and anxiety and increased focus and self-esteem. Adding a little green to your home can help boost your mood and your space. To give your plants a modern touch, we love the sleek, minimalist handcrafted plant pots and stands from Priene HOME. 

Bamboo Sonic Brushing Set by Better & Better

Price: Full oral care set for $89.99

Better & Better create natural, vegan, and eco-friendly oral care products that can help brighten up your smile. The company’s Bamboo Sonic Brushing Set has everything you need to give your teeth a daily deep clean. It comes with a rechargeable bamboo electric toothbrush with five cleaning modes, a toothpaste sampler pack, and natural floss in a refillable glass jar.

Posture Bra & Bands by Etalon

Price: Bands at $25.99 and Bra at $199

We couldn’t help but share our very own self-care must-have! The award-winning Etalon Posture Bra is orthopedist-approved and chiropractor-loved. It’s a fashionable posture corrector that helps you develop better alignment at your own pace. Just see the 50+ five-star reviews from our lovely customers here. Our new Posture Bands are also great to have in your self-care kit.



Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs by Sleekform

Price: Kneeling Chairs for $230

Sleekform’s mission is simple: to offer streamlined, body-friendly, cost-efficient ergonomic furniture — and they do it well. If you’re a fan of our posture products, you’ll definitely want to check out their selection of kneeling chairs. The seat is tilted at a 120° angle to push your hips forward, engage your core, and take the pressure off of your lower back. This simple change in your office furniture can make a world of difference on your well-being.




And here are a few of Etalon founder Kristina Rudzinskaya’s personal faves:

Daily Face Cream by Botnia

Price: 50-ml container at $66

Botnia’s innovative skincare comprises botanicals grown on local and organic farms, and is developed by herbalists, skincare scientists, and estheticians in the cozy seaside town of Sausalito. Their Daily Face Cream combines jojoba seed oil, rose, and hyaluronic acid for a toning and tightening cream that leaves the skin with a radiant glow.


Bakuchiol + Niacinamide Anti-Aging Cream by Regelica

Price: 2-oz tube at $72

Regelica’s anti-aging cream works to visibly correct signs of aging by using botanical ingredients that help improve your skin’s density, strengthen your skin barrier, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines — all without causing irritation. It’s a potent blend with potent effects.

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