Etalon Wins Globee Award for Best Health and Wellness Product for Women

It’s been a long, challenging, but very much rewarding journey since Etalon began taking shape last year. After designing a fashionable prototype for our posture corrector, creating a Kickstarter campaign that surpassed all expectations, and officially launching the Etalon® Posture Bra — and most recently the Etalon Posture Bands — we continue to be inspired by the women we’ve worked alongside as well as our customers. 

Thanks to your support, Etalon can add another prestigious award to our trophy case. We are honored to receive a Gold Globee® Award for Best Health and Wellness Product or Service for Women!

The 16th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Women in Business recognizes achievements of women in various industries worldwide. In the organization’s own words, this award “honors the inspiring women who have made significant contributions to their respective fields, demonstrating exceptional leadership, innovation, and success.” Etalon joins an impressive list of women-powered companies that have been making big waves, from our little corner of the Bay Area to cities across the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Asia.

Earlier this year, we also received the FashTech award at San Francisco Design Week. Honors like these encourage us to keep pushing forward to bring you the best (and most stylish!) posture products on the market. Supported by both orthopedists and chiropractors, our posture bra is designed to promote optimal spinal alignment without compromising on quality, aesthetics, or effectiveness. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to improve! We appreciate your feedback, so please keep it coming. And stay tuned for more exciting Etalon announcements!

In the meantime, we also want to remind you of our ongoing 3-week Etalon Posture Challenge. All you need is 15 minutes per day to help bring awareness to your posture, reduce pain, strengthen your core, and increase your confidence.

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